Luminyrkki :: Säännöt/UMvC3

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General rules:

Console: Xbox 360
Tournament format: Groups followed by a Double Elimination bracket.
Groups : Best of 5 matches
Double Elimination: Best of 5 matches
Grand Finals: Best of 5 matches

Tournament Rules:

Changing characters is only allowed after losing a match, winner may switch the order of the team
DLC characters are allowed
Button Mapping is allowed
Turbo buttons and Macro's are not allowed
Button Configuration must be done before the match
When pausing the match, without notifying with a valid reason beforehand, the player that paused will automatically lose the round, unless the opponent has no objections.
No game breaking glitches are allowed

Match Settings:

Mode: Versus with 100% life settings
Stages: Bonne Wonderland (Winter) or Training Stage
Time: 99 sec.
Hold S to jump off