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General rules:

Tournament format: Groups followed by a Double Elimination bracket.
Groups: Each set is best of 3
Double Elimination: Losers finals, Winners finals and Grand finals are best of 5. All other sets are best of 3.
Bring your own controller.

Tournament Rules:

- Button and name Configurations must be done before the match.
- When pausing the match, without notifying with a valid reason beforehand, the player that paused will automatically lose a stock, unless the opponent has no objections.
- TV's are prioritized to tournament matches during a tournament.
- Every player has the right to abstain from playing on a Wii that has texture hacks on characters or stages.

Match Settings:


Starters (for the first match): Final Destination, Battlefield, Smashville, Pokemon Stadium 1, Yoshi's Island.

Counterpicks: Delfino Plaza, Castle Siege, Lylat Cruise, Pokemon stadium 2, Halberd and Frigate.

Stage striking: in order to choose the starter stage the players will take turns striking stages from the starter list until one stage is left. 1 / 2 / 1. Player 1 bans 1 stage from the list, player 2 bans 2 stages and player 1 finally bans 1 stage leaving only 1 stage left to be played on. The winner of the previous match bans 1 stage from the whole list (counterpicks&starters) and the loser selects the stage that will be played on (whole list). The winner then selects the character that they will be using in the next match before the loser selects their.

Any stage can be played on if both players agree to play on it.

Dave's stupid rule: a player can not pick a stage in a set on which they have already won in the same set unless the opponent agrees.

- 8 minute timer
- Items set to OFF and NONE.
- Metaknight's infinite dimensional cape is banned.
- All infinites are allowed until 250%.
- Ledge Grab limit: 35. This applies only if a timeout occurs.

In case of a timeout the winner is decided based on the following:
1st on the amount of ledgegrabs (the one who has over 35 ledgegrabs loses the match automatically)
2nd on the amount of stocks (the player with more stocks left wins)
3rd on the amount of damage
If neither side has grabbed the ledge over 35 and stocks as well as damage is tied then a new match will be played. It will be with 1 stock, a 5 minute timer and with a 20 Ledge grab limit.